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Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland. Photo Gallery

About Us

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary opened in 2008 and now provides a lifelong home for approximately 100 rescued farmed animals.  It is associated with Matilda’s Promise, a Vegan, Animal Rights Education Centre.  Eden is staffed by two humans.  We live alongside each other in a non-exploitative, respectful and loving relationship. The residents here are our teachers and it is a continual joy to learn from them.

What they teach us is that they are individuals whose lives have meaning and purpose. Each one of them has an individual personality and individual preferences. Each one of them wants to live a life free of pain. Each one of them wants to continue living to the end of his or her natural lifespan.

All the residents here have been rescued from the certainty of slaughter, Some were unwanted, abused, neglected or homeless. Many have been extricated from situations of deliberate and horrendous cruelty, including factory farming and backyard farming.  Their rescue has ensured a life free of further rights violations that would have caused physical and psychological distress and pain. But they will always live with the legacy of suffering caused by their past.  At Eden we believe that non human animals have the same entitlements as human animals to live a full and happy life that is not fraught with fear, imprisonment or pain, and brought to a premature end by the food industry.

Our charter includes the following:

  • It is everyone’s basic right is to live a life as free from physical, social and psychological pain as possible.
  • Other animals have the right not to be controlled or used by humans for human ends.
  • Veganism is the moral baseline from which our respect for other beings starts.

Eden, in association with its vegan education centre, Matilda’s Promise, works for the abolition of all use of other animals.

If you need to contact Eden with questions about veganism, vegan education or animal rights please email edenanimalsanctuary@yahoo.ie or use the contact page on this website.

If you need to contact Eden about an animal who needs a home please email edenanimalsanctuary@yahoo.ie or telephone 0872325832.