Long Time: Roisin Mooney’s Art Exhibition

“The cycle ends here. What is theirs is returned to them.
Irreversibly shaped for a long time they cast shadows whose sources can’t be found. 
They devour it.  Working toward their end. Grainne and Connie Roisins exhibition
From Context to Exhibition
Long Time, Roisin Mooney

From Context to Exhibition is a contemporary look at how artists seek to translate collaborative processes and practice into the context of the white space.

Roisin Mooney will present her work, a video called “Long Time” which she developed during her two week residency at Eden. The aim of Roisin’s residency was to explore methods of constructing positive representations of non-human animals.

Viewers expecting to find blissful representations of domesticated farmed animals will be sorely disappointed. Roisin does not pander to images of happy exploitation that salve the viewer’s conscience about the animals humans harm. Her work, exemplified in the photograph above featuring Connie & Grainne, is an exquisite portrayal of women in the process of surviving the assault of human use, and of the power and joy of their self-actualisation in the context of the sanctuary of Eden.

From Context to Exhibition 2015 is a group show from The Learning Development Programme 2015, managed by Create (Partners: NCAD, IADT and Dublin City Arts Office/ the LAB).

Launch: 30 April
Time: 6-8 pm
Venue: Units 3-4, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1.

Exhibition: Continues to 9 May. Opening Hours: Thu, Fri, Sat, 12-4 pm; outside these hours book via info (at) create-ireland.ie

Roisin has promised to make her work available to the Friends of Eden who live outside Ireland and to those of you who are unable to visit the exhibition.

Artist’s Statement

Name: Róisín Mooney
Title of Work: Long Time
Group/Community of Interest: Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary

“The cycle ends here. What is theirs is returned to them. 
Irreversibly shaped for a long time they cast shadows whose sources can’t be found. 
They devour it.  Working toward their end. 

This video was produced as part of the artist’s two week residency in Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary & Matilda’s Promise Vegan Education Centre.

Eden Sanctuary is a place where the relationship between humans and other animals is practically and ideologically rethought.

The artist presents one of the acts that exemplifies the ideology of this counter-cultural space.  Some of the residents of Eden, most of whom are survivors of the egg industry, are the agents of the video. The egg is cracked and eaten like every other egg that is laid on the sanctuary. This prompts consideration of Bodily Autonomy.

The composition and speed of the video are intended to prompt consideration of the long history of domesecration in our relationships with Chickens. They are made to seem dinosaur-like as a reference to their free-living ancestors and the trajectory their species may have taken without our interference.

http://www.edenfarmanimalsanctuary.com/ “

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