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Would you, or someone you know, like to be part of the team that ensures that Eden’s residents have a safe home and the best possible quality of life? On behalf of its residents Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary is recruiting sanctuary maintenance personnel; administrative assistants; animal caregivers; project managers; plant based (vegan) dietitian; volunteers, & interns. Please use our contact form to apply for particulars.

Ruby, rescued in 2013 from severe backyard neglect

Ruby, rescued in 2013 from severe backyard neglect


Volunteers & Interns

These positions are opportunities to experience the privilege of working with and getting to know the individual personalities of rescued farmed animals, their histories, and their lives in a sanctuary setting. Staff members at Eden are encouraged to take an active role in using their skills and passion to assist in the development of Eden as a home of excellence for rescued farmed animals and to raise awareness of vegan abolitionist sanctuary work in Ireland.

Relevant Documents:
Volunteer at Eden Job Description
Internship at Eden Job Description
Terms and Conditions of Working at Eden
Eden Application form

Robert, one of Eden's past volunteers, feeding raspberries to Clare.

Robert, one of Eden’s past volunteers, feeding raspberries to Clare.


Roxy, a past Intern, with Razzle, one of Eden's special needs residents

Roxy, a past Intern, with Razzle, one of Eden’s special needs residents

Please complete the application form and email to

Other work: The workload at Eden & Matilda’s Promise amounts to significantly more than is outlined in the job descriptions for volunteers & interns  If you have experience at website design, fund raising, street activism, social media, education, photography, or anything else you feel might help our work, and are willing to volunteer some of your time, expertise or advice, Eden would be very grateful to hear from you