Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland. Photo Gallery

Residents’ Gallery

at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary Ireland

Eden is indebted to the magnificent work of photographer Agatha Kisiel who has brought the personality, individuality and sentience of the residents of Eden to the world.

As soon as one enters the gates of Eden, a sense of peace descends. Regardless of the time of day or the activity on the sanctuary, whether they are swimming, dust bathing, or sleeping, this sense of peace pervades. It is like entering another existence that is as complex, dynamic, and intelligent as any human sphere, if not more so. But there is a quality on the sanctuary that is not present in human life. Words fail me as I attempt to convey the atmosphere that is created by their innocence, the dignity with which they have survived, their wisdom, their intense interest in life, and their affection for each other and for their carers, but Agatha’s photographs don’t require the clumsiness of words to describe something we don’t fully understand and therein lies their magic.

This unique microcosm that is Eden has been created, not by us, but by its residents who have courageously overcome their history of human domination.

It is this world that Agatha has captured in her work.

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