Vegan Education

Have you ever wondered what veganism is about? Do you need clarity on the difference between a plant diet and veganism? Do you want to know more about how veganism relates to animal rights? Perhaps you are already convinced that using other animals is wrong but lack the practical know-how about replacing animal use with vegan alternatives. At Eden we offer speaking engagements, workshops and other programmes, including online courses, to help empower people to know more about animal exploitation and how to be vegan. The aim of our education is to clarify and simplify veganism, so that participants have a good understanding about its social justice roots in the animal rights movement, and to equip participants with the practical knowledge necessary to live in a manner that protects the rights of other beings.

Courses are  delivered in a interesting and challenging manner using a combination of film, reading material, handouts, and group discussion. All our courses are brought to life through the residents of Eden. They are not anonymous members of oppressed species. They are real, living individuals with unique personalities and histories and they are best equipped to inform us of the injustice of our use of them and to inspire us with the urgency of our moral obligation to completely abolish all use of them and to radically revise the speciesist notion that we matter more than they do.

Our courses help participants to explore the moral duty to be vegan,  as well as learning about some of the legal, social, health and environmental aspects of veganism including the challenge to the property status of non human animals.

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