Sponsor Resident

Sponsor a Resident

The care of each individual resident at Eden is expensive.

When you choose to sponsor a Resident of Eden your money goes towards his or her living costs and towards the care that he or she requires due to the health challenges faced as a result of being bred into the animal agricultural industry. Your money will be used to:

  • purchasing his or her food
  • maintain the fencing in the sanctuary that keeps him or her safe from predators
  • build or maintain his or her home ensuring a a warm shelter to sleep in at night
  • purchase preventative health care supplies
  • pay for veterinary care if he or she becomes ill.

In return for your sponsorship we will send you a photograph of the resident you have chosen to sponsor along with some information on his or her history, individual personality and life at Eden. These will be sent electronically.

Sponsorship makes a lovely gift for someone and is a responsible way to become involved in caring for a non-human being in a way that greatly adds to their quality of life. Please let us know if you want us to send the Sponsorship information to a third party as a gift. Alternatively, you can print the information we send you and give it as a gift.

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