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Return to Eden by Clara Mozes

In memory of Verona (rescued from the egg industry)

“I’m stuck in the dark but you’re my flashlight.
You’re getting me through the night.”
From Flashlight by Jessie J

“Sometimes, in this fight for a just and compassionate world I feel as if the darkness of people’s denial and the suffering of other animals is overwhelming. As a vegan activist, I sometimes feel as if I’m standing in front of a concrete wall that I just can’t penetrate. But then I return to Eden Sanctuary and the pure joy of the residents restores my motivation to keep on helping their brothers and sisters. To me, this is the most beautiful thing; to open my heart to all the individuals at Eden and let their happiness and wisdom guide and strengthen me. Every time I do this my faith in abolitionist vegan education is restored and I know I am doing the right thing. I want to share the lives of the residents at Eden with others through this video because it shows what I witness in the most peaceful, loving place on earth that I know.” ~Clara Mozes, volunteer at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Ireland.

“Nothing short of complete cessation of animal use through veganism will give other animals the freedom they are entitled to. As activists we can’t afford to be despondent. Asking for half measures, such as better conditions of use, is an expression of personal doubt and lack of vision for a just world. Let’s not compromise them any further. Let them be the guiding light that motivates us to ask for everything on their behalf.” ~Sandra Higgins, Founder & Director

Willow & Sadbh: A Sacred Bond (The first moments of life)
The attachment between a mother and her new born child sets the template for that child’s future. It is the root of compassion and justice and it is just as important to a sheep or cow or chicken as it is to humans. Yet, it is a bond that is ignored, desecrated, and ruthlessly severed throughout the non-human world by humans who claim to hold it in such high regard. This video of Willow interacting with Sadbh shortly after her birth demonstrates the preciousness of this bond. Like human mothers, Willow uses her voice, touch, smell and eye contact to bond with her child; Sadbh responds with her first cries. Human analysis of this deeply touching scene is limited by the bluntness of our own sensory capacities; Willow and Sadbh may be bonding in ways that we can barely conceive of. Bearing witness to this beautiful scene, however, leaves us in no doubt of the sacredness of motherhood, regardless of species. This sacredness can only begin to be honoured in a vegan world that ceases all use of other animals by humans.

Eggs: The Price They Pay (Hens Rescued from Enriched Battery Cage 2012)
This video features the rescue of a group of hens from an ‘enriched battery’ cage facility in Ireland. The rescue took place in 2012. More than 7000 hens from the cages in this video were slaughtered hours later. This video is evidence of the Humane Myth. All hens, regardless of where they are confined, are enslaved through human ownership and exploitation of their reproductive systems. This video shows evidence of the illnesses they suffer at our hands (e.g. the inflammation of salpingitis). We see one tentatively taking her first steps and others feeling grass for the first time. We see another hen struggle to walk because of her fluid filled abdomen (Ascites, very common in chickens used for meat and eggs). The video is dedicated to the memory of the individuals in this liberated group. Less than three years after rescue they have all died as a direct result of being bred for human use. For those short years they discovered their self-determination and purpose through respect and liberty and ownership of their eggs and bodies was returned to them. The little it costs us to be vegan means everything to them.

Love, A Film for Molly
Lady Molly arrived one Autumn day in 2007. She brought with her an exquisite love that broke the species barrier. We were not cat and human, but people living harmoniously, with deep care and unconditional love for each other. With this love Lady Molly laid the foundation stone of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary. She died in February 2015. Our world is a lesser place without this precious being who filled our lives to overflowing. She will always be adored.

You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey

Short Version of You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey (suitable for young children)

The Hen’s Greeting (very short)

Victor caring for Verona
In this video the curiosity of Verona, as she explores our intern, Roxy, is clearly visible. Shortly after the video starts you can hear Victor in the background as he begins indicating to Verona that he has something for her. His call becomes more insistent and Verona suddenly loses interest in Roxy and runs to him. He has obviously found her something to eat. Note how he foregoes eating himself, instead allowing her to have the desired item. This behaviour is characteristic of roosters and is not always followed by reciprocated copulation. Many roosters repeatedly take the desired item of food into their beaks and drop it on the ground for the hen in a similar manner to that of mother hens teaching and caring for chicks. They have lives and relationships of their own that matter to them.

Roxy Hadn’t Lived Until She Hugged a Turkey
In this video you can see Megan giving one of her rare hugs. Listen to the beautiful purring sounds she makes that get increasingly loud as she enjoys the affection. Note how she lifts her head in response to love and how, near the end of the video, she leans the weight of her body closer to her new friend.

Corvid Language: Razzle
Razzle was rescued and taken to Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary when he was blown out of his nest as a very young rook. Usually, young birds are better left where their parents can find them but Razzle was injured and at risk from predators.

We subsequently determined that Razzle has a head injury and is blind. He has as much freedom at Eden as is appropriate for his physical limitations.

This video demonstrates his wonderful use of corvid language.

Chickens Dustbathing Victor, Vicky and Verona
Chickens bathe in dust in the way that humans bathe in water. Dust bathing is not only an exercise in hygiene; like humans who enjoy baths and showers, dust bathing is a very pleasurable activity for birds. It is usually not a solitary activity, showing their highly social nature. It begins when the male finds a good spot with lots of nice, dry dust. He calls the females with gurgling, excited sounds. They all gather and socialise together in the dust bath. They use their beaks and feet to dig hollows for their bodies and then use their wings to distribute the dust throughout their feathers. The dust acts as a natural deterrent to mites and lice. When they are finished they shake the dust from their feathers. The hens in this video, Verona and Vicky, were rescued from an enriched battery cage where these kinds of dust baths are impossible.

A Volunteer’s Experience at Eden (includes the film A Day at Eden)
In this presentation Clara describes how her encounters with the residents at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary where she worked as a volunteer have transformed her view of other animals and motivated her to live a vegan life. Clara demonstrates as astute understanding of the plight of those who are exploited by us because they are not human. She beautifully illustrates their individuality and autonomy and dispels the myth that anyone is less deserving of peace and liberty on the basis of species categorisation. In gratitude to the Friend of Eden who sponsored Clara’s volunteer position.

A Day at Eden Highly recommended, beautiful video made by our volunteer Clara Mozes.

Rescued Turkeys come to Eden
Saoirse had very unfortunate early life experiences due to being bred for human use. She lived without the company of other turkeys for the first two years of her life. In this video we see the attempts of her new companion, Justin, to attract her attention which Saoirse ignores in preference for interaction with the human carers she has come to know and trust. We hope that in time she will become Justin’s friends. Justin and Saoirse live at Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Ireland. Their names were chosen to reflect our social responsibility to our animal kin (Justice, Freedom, Liberty).

Razzle chats like this throughout the day. Little wonder that volunteers frequently think there is a human in the sanctuary.

Breakfast at Eden
Most of the hens featured in this video were rescued in December 2013 from a smallholder/hoarder. They were kept in a windowless shed, fed only every few days, deprived of their liberty and of any ability to live a normal life. Maria, featured in this video, is the smallest hen at Eden. When she arrived we discovered that one of her toes had been amputated. Although she holds this foot up in cold weather, she doesn’t let it hold her back. She has a very strong personality and can hold her own with her much larger comrades. You can hear her very strong voice in this video. Amazingly, given their histories at the hands of humans, these hens (among them Claudia, Lydia, Hanna, Kay, and Ruby) were some of the friendliest beings at Eden.

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