In Part One of this most recent interview, Sandra told me about Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, the nonhuman individuals who live there and their unique personalities, and some of the challenges that come along with running a farmed animal sanctuary. One of these challenges is in treating the health conditions that result from the selective breeding that animal exploiting industries have imposed on farmed animals. We also spoke about the challenge of living in a speciesist world.

Sandra told me about several of Eden’s residents in the interview; here are some photos of them… (All of these photos are courtesy of Agatha Kisiel Photography.)

Angel was rescued with other sheeps from a flooded yard beside a slaughterhouse



Fairy on the day she arrived at Eden




Genevieve with Maria in the background



Mamou with her daughters Ruth and Jane


Nora (RIP)


Penny and Connie


Pip and Cara
Razzle the blind rook (RIP) with Sandra


10 sheeps were rescued from a slaughterhouse field and now peacefully live at Eden


The rescued turkeys whom Sandra mentioned in the interview

We will hear Part Two of this interview in the near future.