What to do if you know of an animal who needs a home at Eden

If you know of a farmed animal who needs a home at a vegan sanctuary, please get in contact with us at 0872325832. If you have time, please include as much detail as possible on the animal’s age, history, health, veterinary treatment, vaccinations, castration, and circumstances. A photo is also very helpful. We will always do what we can to give them a home.

Criteria for Rescue & Intake at Eden

  • Eden is a vegan Farmed Animal Sanctuary. We restrict places to those animals who are being farmed and exploited in the farming industry to be used as food, clothing, or research.
  • Eden provides its animal residents with a home not because they are suffering or because of how they are treated but because they are enduring the injustice of being used as objects to serve humans. Eden exists because, in our view, animal use and killing is unjust. Our objective is to give a home to victims of animal use so that their rights are no longer violated by being bred, used and killed by humans.
  • We do not pay for animals because we do not regard them as property. Please do not write to us suggesting that you intend paying for an animal and bringing them to live at Eden. It is understandable that some people think this is a solution. After all, nothing is worse than witnessing the misery of an animal whose life would be turned around and who would be saved from slaughter at Eden, yet being unable to help. However, when we consider the larger picture and our ultimate goal of ending all human use of other animals, paying to rescue individuals merely funds the breeding of even more beings who will be exploited and face slaughter. (Feelings of disempowerment and helplessness are common in animal rights activists and those who rescue animals, and they can be assuaged to some degree by engaging in vegan education.)
  • We do not rescue animals when to do so would encourage further breeding. We are frequently asked to take male chickens from people who have bred them from eggs, failing to realise that half the chicks would hatch as males. Tempting though it is to take in the unwanted males, to do so merely acts to convenience those who carelessly breed them and encourges them to do so again. It is far better to encourage people to take responsibility for the animals they have brought into existence and to assist them to care for them themselves, rather than ‘rescue’ in a manner that simply serves to make it easy for them to repeat the cycle of breeding and animal use.
  • If you have secured a place for an animal with us, please use your discretion and do not compromise that animal’s safety by giving our contact details to those who exploited them.

We Can’t Save Everyone

Unfortunately, there are millions of animals in Ireland who are being used by humans. Every one of them needs a sanctuary home. It is impossible to rescue everyone. That is why we try to devote as much time and resources as possible to anti-speciesist, vegan education. Our goal is that one day there will be no need for vegan sanctuaries because we will no longer use other animals.

It is also vital that sanctuaries do not take in more animals than they have the resources to care for. We have a duty to those we rescue to give them the best possible home at Eden, but we also have a duty to the animals who already live at Eden. If we take in too many. our resources will become stretched, and we run the risk of not maintaining our standards and of compromising the future of the sanctuary. Please understand that we are being asked, on a continual basis, to take in more and more animals. When we know their circumstances it is very difficult for us not to be able to accept them, and it is something that has a very negative effect on us. However, if we are unable to take them in, we will always do our best to help you source another home for them.