Our very best wishes to our friends, followers, donors, and supporters for the New Year. Seeing as we are saying goodbye to 2022 and entering 2023, we thought it appropriate to feature photos of a selection of the animals who arrived at Eden during 2022. Space prohibits us from including everyone. There are also twenty cows who have been rescued from slaughter and whose care we fund at a different location, and seventy more cows who we previously helped save from slaughter over the last few years.
We want to thank everyone of you, most sincerely, for your support throughout the year. Thank you for your donations without which we could not give homes to these animals or care for them as we do. Thank you also for sharing our posts and their anti-speciesist message. People who read them cannot but connect with the animals who are so brutally exploited and killed in our non-vegan world. Finally, thank you also for your messages of support throughout a particularly difficult year during which we coped with very debilitating personal injury and the loss of some of our most loved sanctuary friends.
We can only hope that the world wakes up in 2023. The time is long overdue for us to overthrow our narcissistic vision of ourselves as the only species that matters and to give other animals the respect they are entitled to. The very least we owe them is to stop breeding, killing, and using them as our resources. Just look at them. They are anything but the objects that are represented on our shop shelves by the industries that dissociate their body parts and products from them and sell them to us for profit, pretending all the while that they are doing us and the animals a favour. If you are not vegan yet, please think about this and stop buying into the myth that animal use is necessary, natural, nice, and normal. It is not. The only right way to live is as a vegan who confronts their own limited view of other animals at every given opportunity.