Animal Sanctuaries and the Animal Rights Movement

21st September 2022

This talk gives an insight and appreciation of the role that vegan sanctuaries, and the animals who live on them, play in providing education on sentience and cognition, on the effects of human use on their bodies, lives and personalities, on how we can eradicate speciesism in very simple ways such as the language we use to speak about them, and the ways in which we regard them as our equals. The talk includes a detailed description of the egg industry and the history of Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary and how it has inspired Go Vegan World.


Chickens Exploited in the Egg Industry in Ireland:

Welfare Guidelines on Farmed Animals:

SI No 14/2008 – European Communities (Welfare of Farmed Animals) Regulations 2008:

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Go Vegan World Achievements:

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Go Vegan World’s Right to Freedom of Expression on Translink Bus Advertisements

Win for Animal Rights as Translink Backtracks on Rejection of Go Vegan World Ads

Go Vegan World Wins Landmark Ruling for Tortured Laboratory Animals

Go Vegan World Wins Landmark Ruling for Animal Rights against the Dairy Industry

The Psychology of Animal Use:

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