Eden was in need of some uplifting news following the deaths of Grace and Caoimhe. Good news came in the person of Annie.

Stolen from her mother and heartlessly named ‘lamb chops’, she was taken to live in a Dublin suburb where she faced a fate of brutal death.

She has a respiratory condition but aside from the cough and rattle in her chest you’d never guess she was ill. She is already a feisty character and something of an escape artist. She has not let her history cast a shadow on her life.

It is easy to condemn those who stole her and intended to use her as food. Indeed, many cast stones because the people who stole Annie are not Irish, racism and speciesism going hand in glove as people project their exploitation neatly and safely onto “others”.  Annie’s plight was not much different to that of any of lamb in any Irish field, at the hands of any Irish citizen, or indeed any human regardless of where they hail from. Soon all lambs will all be stolen from their mothers. Soon each of them will face the brutal death that Annie has avoided or they will be used to breed more lambs and, in turn, lose their own babies. Everyone of them is an ‘Annie’. You can stop participating in the harm they suffer by living vegan.

Sincere thanks to Kildare Animal Foundation who found Annie and cared for her until Eden became her home.