Nancy: rescued from a backyard farm where she was used as a ‘breeding sow’. Don’t those words carry such an abusive ring? Think of it: Nancy has feelings. Look at her inquisitive, friendly face. The last thing she is thinking is that one of us is looking at her and seeing food, or that one of us intends to kill her.

She has the ability to give birth and love and nurture her babies as much as any human mother nurtures her child. She hates for us to pass her enclosure and not stop to talk to her and give her some affection. She loves having fun. We often see her skipping around the sanctuary, even though she used to trip over herself when she was very heavy. She loves digging, and throwing tyres in the air. She gets tired and sleeps. She gets hungry and eats. If she hurts herself or another pig hurts her, she feels pain. Why would anyone ever think that she is so different to us that it entitles us to take her babies and kill them or to kill Nancy herself and use her body as food? Isn’t it perfectly obvious that she is someone, and not something?

Be vegan.