Compassion is a Verb – Thich Nhat Hanh

Eden is an Irish Vegan Sanctuary that provides a home to more than 100 residents who have been rescued from animal agriculture.

It is difficult to fully empathise with the relentless struggle faced by the residents at Eden. Every day is made difficult by trying to live in an embodied prison that has been unnaturally bred to produce animal foods. Hens go through the equivalent of a human female menstrual cycle and childbirth on a daily basis causing them to tear, prolapse and develop reproductive infections and cancers. Their small lung capacity causes respiratory distress and infection. Their bones fracture from loss of calcium in daily egg laying. Turkeys are forced to lumber under the unnatural weight of their muscle mass, struggling to go about their daily affairs on painful, arthritic feet. In their natural state they are lithe, elegant and as light on their feet as dancers. Their hips and other joints erode and dislocate from the unbearable weight and strain of the muscles that humans breed to be their food. Sheep also suffer from foot pain, undoubtedly exacerbated by being heavier than their wild, free living ancestors. Every individual resident at Eden has, like all farmed animals, been made vulnerable and dependent on human care: this is the crime of human domestication of them.

Maeve at Eden: When you think of 'turkey', think of me.

Maeve at Eden: When you think of ‘turkey’, think of me.

Being able to offer them the dignity of sanctuary care goes some way towards redressing the harm of our crime. But our crime will continue until the world is vegan. The work of Matilda’s Promise is to play our role in creating that vegan world.

Can you help us to help them? Can you help us to make a vegan world?

Christmas is a time of year when we count our blessings and think of those who are less fortunate; a time when we are touched by the spirit of generosity and compassion for others. If you have ever suffered pain or fear, then you will know that there is no greater gift than relief from suffering. For someone whose future is certain death in a farmyard or slaughterhouse, there is no gift as precious as that of life.

Please donate to us today to help us care for the residents of Eden and to continue our work at Matilda’s Promise so that together we can bring more compassion and less suffering to the world we all share.

Your donation will be matched, Euro for Euro, to a sum of E15,000 by Eden’s generous benefactor. This is Compassion in Action.

Donation Details:

You can donate via PayPal at the website:

You can also lodge funds directly to our bank:

Permanent Trustee Savings Bank Navan, Co Meath
Account Name: Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary
Account Number: 19818381
Sort Code: 990615
IBAN: IER7IPBS99061519818381

Friends of Eden

I know that many people reading this would dearly love to fund the work of Eden & Matilda’s Promise but are unable. The support of the Friends of Eden in adopting a non-violent, vegan lifestyle, in donations of materials required for the resident’s care or for their home; in advice on their health and wellbeing; and in friendship to the humans who care for them, enables us to continue our work, and is invaluable. As I go about my daily tasks of caring for them – opening the doors of their homes in the morning to greet them, breaking the ice on their water on cold mornings, nursing them when they suffer and celebrating with them their joy in life, I am mindful of your friendship.

May I take this opportunity to thank you, our supporters, a very Happy Christmas and I know that we are united in our wish for peace for other animals always.

Sandra Higgins