Linda was gentle, dignified, and elegant. She had a beautiful personality. Despite a rough start in life due to several health issues, she carried herself with poise and she enjoyed her life despite its shortcomings. She loved Cormac and she patiently tolerated the goats when they used to jump the fence and share the food in her haybell. She loved grazing around the fields at Eden, the daily treats, chats and affection from her caregivers, licks from Cormac, and resting and thinking in her favourite spots in the shelter of the forests of Eden.

Despite her gentle nature, she was self determined and lived life according to her own preferences and wishes. If there is a gift at Eden, it is this freedom that we give our animal friends (to the extent that we can), to determine their own lives. Linda died as she lived, choosing the moment she left us yesterday morning.

We all loved Linda and each of us had a role to play in caring for her and making her life as easy and special as we could.

Her arrival at Eden came about because someone recognised and respected that life was as precious to Linda as any of our lives are to us. It is a simple and profound message on behalf of the rights of other animals and because of it, Linda lived for ten years and she died on her own terms instead of being exploited and violently killed in a slaughterhouse. Goodbye our lovely friend.

Photos Agatha Kisiel