Download Newsletter: Somebodies, Not Somethings at Thanksgiving and Christmas

Marian 2010-2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be very happy times of year for some, characterised by feelings of gratitude and generosity. These are the times when we realise how fortunate we are, and share what we can with those who are less fortunate.
The least fortunate individuals on this planet are members of the species we use for food. As I write I can hear the violent thud of guns against which the fragile bodies of beings like pheasants are defenceless.
Every day of the year is tragic for the non-human animals who are exploited by us. Thanksgiving and Christmas are especially tragic for pigs and birds who are traditionally and unnecessarily bred for the purpose of human ‘celebration’ and who will now be brutally killed, their lives unnecessarily shortened, their past utterly devalued.