Advocates from around the world speak about our mission to liberate our animal kin

Gypsy Wulff, along with co editor Fran Chambers, has compiled a collection of stories from around the world from advocates who have made the liberation of other animals from human oppression their life’s work. Each story details the personal turning points at which advocates saw through the myths that foster speciesism to the reality of our interconnection with all other animals.

Contributors to the book range from farmers to doctors to theologians to sanctuary workers and include the voices of strong animal rights activists such as Harold Brown, Howard Lyman, Patty Mark, Gary Francione and Gary Yourofsky. Their stories are deeply moving. I read farmer David Lay’s story six months ago and it still echoes in my mind. His story is included in the free chapter on thewebsite and is indicative of the treasures in store in the book.

Two of the books contributions come from my work at Eden and demonstrate how the residents here have been the greatest teachers of compassion that I have known in my life.

This is a beautiful and important work. It is an ideal Christmas gift as well as a book that many will wish to have on their bookshelves. All profits from the sale of the book go to sanctuaries and Eden is one of the sanctuaries that Gypsy Wulff has kindly chosen to help.

You can read more and purchase the book here:

Sandra Higgins

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary, Ireland

At the outset, one needs to examine the choice of the animals we exploit.
They do not have a choice. If they could choose they would choose the liberty of a life not imprisoned by the body of a farmed animal. They would choose to live free of unnecessary pain, they would choose daylight, pleasure and appropriate food, they would choose not to be separated from their loved ones, they would choose not to be artificially inseminated and they would choose to live out their natural lifespans. They do not have a choice. But we can choose to become aware of how our lifestyle choices affect them.